A little over a year later...

I started working out with Fitness Blender in July of 2018. I had never picked up a weight ever before that. I was always afraid of becoming bulky or gaining weight. I was afraid of the number on the scale going up. My random sporadic workouts consisted of reformer Pilates, an ocasional barre class, and maybe a very awkward gym workout. I never stuck with anything because I would get frustrated because I wasn’t seeing results.

I’ve never really been over weight, growing up I was really thin and after having kids well I guess I became what I call “Skinny Fat”.

Never comfortable in my clothes, definitely not confident in a swimsuit. I would get told I was thin, but I was not happy with how I looked.

That is when I decided I had to do something about it so I got on YouTube and stumbled across a video. One of Kelly’s 5 minute workout videos and the rest was history. I started out with 5 min videos and worked my way up. After about a month of using 5-15min videos on my own I decided to really go for it and buy my first 4 week program.

I was seeing results and found out that I actually like working out.

Here I am a little over 1 year after I started with Fitness Blender and I’m honestly so proud of myself and my results so far. I am on vacation in Mexico as I am typing this and I have been confidently wearing a two piece out in public (something I haven’t done since before having kids). I am no where near where I want to be, but I am loving my body and my gains! I’m so excited to see where I will be 1 year from now!

Thanks Kelly & Daniel you guys are the best!