I’ve posted a bunch about thisss...😒

But I am 8 weeks post partum. I’ve been doing FB Burn for a little over two weeks and the week before I started FB Burn I did a whole week of very simple, lower impact workouts.

I’ve been weighing myself constantly and I am staying the exact same weight no matter what I do.. and it’s been hard to see.

I definitely still have a little pooch but I’m going to start trying some diastasis recti moves to help with that.

But what I kept noticing was that my upper waist seemed to be slimming even though the scale was staying the same. I only wear my bottoms up to my belly button so that pooch is in the way of fitting them BUT today I tried on a waist belt that I was given at about two weeks post partum. So it’s a belt that sits right under your ribs, and I could only get it on the last notch or so then. Now I can almost put it on the tightest notch!

So there are changes!! Even if they’re a little hard to see right now.

Even though I know and have known throughout my four year fitness journey that scales are not the best way to measure success, I have still been letting it get in my head.

Lesson learned