Is this finally it???

Hi FBFamily

Man how long it's been! I've been wanting to give an update and as much as I wanted to hold off a bit longer to make sure I didn't jinx anything, I couldn't help myself.

Ever since last year, I was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, aka knee problems without an official cause. I went to therapy on and off, took things a bit easier but did not immediately remove high impact activities, did acupuncture, etc. to no avail.

Fast forward to now, September 2019. I finished physical therapy about 1.5 months ago, and I attribute a lot of my improvement to consistent and very frequent foam rolling. I've been adding in about 1-2x per week of higher impact cardio - running, jump rope, and yesterday my first FB cardio/HIIT! (an easy one with minimal jumping but still!). While not 100%, my knees are so much better and handled the increasing activity pretty darn well!!!!

All this to say, I think...I hope...I PRAY...I may be back!!! I have been working a lot on hip strength and started adding some bodyweight strength exercises, and I think later this week I will start with some of the FB lower body toning without weights, gradually getting back to my beast mode strength training.

To those who have been reading my scarce updates, you know how up and down this was, so I am feeling quite euphoric. I also want to thank everyone who has given any kind of support! It is amazing how just the prospect of being able to return to being active and sporty can make someone high!

But my journey is not over yet.

This time has helped me reflect on a lot of things...particularly my ongoing problem of being underweight after a bout of disordered eating and excessive exercising in my teens.

The problem? I have been cycle free for nearly 6 years. Did I mind initially? No. Ladies, you can imagine why. But now?

Ladies, our cycles are a sign of a properly functioning body, of a body protected from bone and joint disease, muscle weakness, cancer, etc. I feel like an old lady sometimes and I can't help but think it is because of my hormonal imbalance.

And so with one physical hurdle overcome, I begin a new one - regaining weight and my hormonal health.

While my mother was convinced I should see a gyno, I delved deeper into the topic and found that pills are not the answer. At first I was just scared and ashamed of see the doc for this, but I now want to try and naturally revert the damage I've done. First I'll start with the weight gain because I do not wish to cut back on activity too much after having been so long recovering from the knees. If that doesn't work, further activity modification is next. If not...then I will have to consider professional help.

Why so personal with this stuff? Well first, because you are always supportive, even if just by giving kind words or being frank. But also, I want you all to know, life is a road full of ups and downs. I have become depressed because of my knees but now feel like I am finally on the mend. Also, we all make mistakes. I made a huge one when I was younger, and I did not take care of my body. But instead of beating ourselves for our mistakes, we should try to do our best to look ahead.

And to anyone who is in a rough rutt with eating/exercising, remember how wonderful your body is. It does not deserve any destruction for some fleeting trend.

Be happy, be healthy, don't give up when life gets tough, and be brave :)

Thanks for sticking till the end of my post. FIngers crossed I'm back to my higher intensity training soon!!!