Letting emotions and stress getting in the way of my goals


Hi FB Family,

puhh so yesterday was a super bad day for me. It just kept getting worse and worse adding up to feeling dizzy all day and eating a lot in the evening and drinking wine. Disclaimer: I did not get drunk and I´m also not an alcoholic!

But I do have days like this a lot (about twice a week) at the moment. Work and life in China are really stressing me out and even though I talk to family and friends as much as possible (little difficult because of the timezones) they can´t really help me with the nutrition part. I´m also putting pressure on myself for losing weight before my trip to Australia because I just want to feel good in a bikini which I know I don´t at the moment.

The workouts are really going well and I´m proud I made it nearly through the whole program and getting stronger and maybe a little more toned but the fat just sticks to me like super glue. I know that stress can hinder fat loss, I´ve experienced it myself because everytime I´m doing an all inclusive holiday where probably the majority of people would gain weight, I lose it. That´s probably due to being super relaxed and not even thinking about food unless I´m actually hungry.

At the moment I´m tracking calories and try to make as many meals myself as possible which is really not easy while living in a hotel with no fully equipt kitchen and limited ingredients. So as long as I stick to that I´m actually quite good with my intake (~1300) but when a day like yesterday comes around I´m kinda destroying it all and by the end of the week my average is about 1700 calories which is just a little below my maintenance calories. So I´m not really losing much fat. Most people will say slower is better anyway but at this rate I will hit a healthy weight probably in three years ^^

I just really don´t know what to do anymore... Hopefully my progress pics due on Saturday will cheer me up a little bit but I doubt it.

Does anyone face this issues as well?

Sorry for the long ramble!