I'm going to need some motivation, everyone.


So I made a topic a while back talking about how working out was helping me deal with "Heart break". Well. The cause of that messaged me out of the blue today, after ghosting on me since Thanksgiving with no explanation. And in the midst of it all, the thing really just amounts to that she got scared because I liked her more than she did me and she didn't want to hurt my feelings and didn't know how to explain anything. Right, so. Okay. Even though she was the one who told me she liked me first. So once more I'm face to face with my nemesis, the feeling of not being good enough for anyone.

Doing my best to fight it off, but I don't want to neglect my workouts. Not looking for love advice, contrary to what it may look like up there. Trust me, nobody can help me there. I'm hopeless! Haha, just need some encouraging words to get the desire to get in there and give my workout my best.