Best feeling

Well, every time in my life when I've made a plan to eat better, I swear I heard my stomach laughing. So, I just enjoy the whole process of eating. πŸ‘Œ

Usually during and after night shifts, I am at my worst. Although, today I overdid myself, eating while still in bed. English breakfast and soda, then sleeping, for lunch meatballs with mush potato (Δ‡ufte), carbonated soda, sleep some more, for dinner (?) chips and this delicious chocolate cake... I know, I'm Miss Piggy herself. πŸ˜…

Best feeling?

When my significant other scolds me for not taking care of myself. He said he can hear my veins screaming for help. πŸ™„

That moment is priceless. It shows when someone genuinely cares for you. It means a lot, a world.

But I finished the cake, nonetheless. 😎

I did promise, though, to do extra credit, so I'm taking another trip to SPARTA! πŸ€ͺ