New Community Forums suggestions and ideas from V and A ;)


Me and my best workout and fitness buddy Аня Порвикова (Anya Porvikova) has been discussing the new web-site (which is awesome, by the way) and the new forum section. It is really great to have a place for sharing and chatting, but the new Community forum layout and overall structure actually still require a lot of work... No criticism is implied, just friendly tips and suggestions from Fitness Blender followers. Here it goes.

1. The forum is a "mess" in its current state. There are no sections / sub-forums, so all the topics are piled up in one general section. It lacks any structure whatsoever, and it is super inconvenient to scroll down and look through all the new threads created since last login. Therefore, it would be great to create separate sections, for instance, the ones that are shown when creating a new thread (Topic + Subtopic). Those can be converted into separate forum sections.

2. Aside from the above, such sections as “workout complete”, “questions and answers”, “hiking”, “tracking”, “healthy eating”, etc. could be added. It would make is easier to navigate the Community.

3. It would be great to add an option "Pin To Top" (there is such on Facebook fan pages, for example). If you are interested in a topic, you can pin it to the top of the page to save yourself the trouble of scrolling through all the other topics. Another option is to be able to mark a topic as "Favorite" to follow it and get notifications via email on the web-site whenever someone posts in it. Speaking of notifications...

4. Notifications are absolutely necessary. It is so hard to check and re-read all the topics you've opened or participated in to see if any new answers have been posted there.

5. We can post pictures only in the main topic message. It makes sense to add that option also to every reply inside a thread. We could open a topic for #workoutcomplete / #eatrealfood, for example. It would be like old times in FB app, don't you think? ;)

Thank you very much for your attention. Everyone is welcome to comment on the above or share their own ideas and suggestions. I hope this topic also reaches the web-site developers through our dear Kelli and Daniel. Have a great day, everyone!