Sometimes you just gotta feed your soul!

Hello fbfamily! I hope that you are having great weekend.

I usually try to eat clean 80% and on weekends make a homemade but rich traditional meal. But due to pretty busy schedule at work, my last several weekends were mostly gone in doing what I have to do. Even this Saturday I worked full time. Today (Sunday) I decided that no matter what I am gonna feed my Bengali soul that didn’t get its due attention last couple of months. I wouldn’t care about calories and macros and just prepare whatever I feel like making. So here we are, with rich moist beef curry with potatoes (no store bought curry powder, I prepare the spice mix by myself), some tiny Bengali fresh water fish (don’t ask the name! Western world doesn’t know them), brown rice, tomato-cucumber salad and squeeze of fresh lime. It.was.Amazing! 😋

I certainly didn’t overeat but it was a full, satiating meal! Now I feel happy for no apparent reason! Sometimes you just gotta feed your soul! And it’s ok!