My story

So, this is quite long but I'll try to be as concise as possible. I have always been a chubby human, when I was a baby and until just recently, I had the worst eating habits for about my entire life. Until I was 13 I used to eat only fried foods, I had mcdonalds almost everyday (and I even added salt to the burgers!), soda was my water, and obviously I didn't exercise at all, except for P.E. classes.

When I was 13 I realized I was heavier than my classmates, so I decided to become a vegetarian, that seemed like a good idea, right? Except, in my case, it wasn't because I still didn't eat correctly. I didn't eat veggies or fruits, only like lentils and pasta, and since I was more like a pescatarian then I ate salmon and tuna. I obviously didn't lose weight but at least I didn't gain more. I also stopped growing because well I didn't eat correctly, so I'm short 5'4/1.64 (that's short in comparison to the rest of my family who are like giants).

Time flew by and when I turned 18 I started university, I no longer had P.E., so of course, when I was 23 I was weighing almost 66kg, so I decided being a vegetarian wasn't working so I stopped being one. I started eating everything again, BUT that also included fried chicken and fried everything. At 25 I was almost 70kg (155lbs) and miserable. My decision was to go to a nutritionist, my nutritionist gave me a strict diet (which I followed) and told me to exercise at least 1h a day. I didn't, I did lose weight but as soon as I stopped following the diet, I gained every pound back. At some point I found fitness blender, I bought FBFit 1 but didn't complete more than 2 weeks, I also bought FB Low Impact and FB Sweat, I didn't complete those either and then I forgot about the site.

So, at 25 I found out I had hypothyroidism, another recipe for disaster since that makes losing weight even harder, but what scared me the most was that I started having tachycardia. I went to the cardiologist, he said I had to start working out and lose weight, otherwise I would not only get heavier but my tachycardia could be worse. For about 2 months I only did cardio on a treadmill, everyday, nonstop, did that work? Nope, obviously not, because not only my legs didn't rest, I got bored quickly so I stopped again.

Last year, when I was 26, I decided to start FB again, I did FB Low Impact, FB Sweat and FB 30 round 2 I think, I didn't notice any difference, which made me very frustrated and sad, I didn't stopped working out though. I went on a cruise with my family and then I decided screw everything, I'll eat what I want, but being mindful of proper portions. I don't know what happened after that cruise, but I started exercising daily and eating healthier, I finished FB Fit 2 for the first time, FB30 and did FB Sweat again, and then I repeated FBFit 2.

Suddenly, this year, around march I looked in the mirror and I was surprised at the change, I thought it was someone else in the mirror. I weighted myself again and I was 59KG (130LBS)! I couldn't believe it, so I'm very disappointed I didn't take before and after pictures (I only have the one I posted), I didn't think it was possible to change so I never did. KIDS remember to TAKE BEFORE PICTURES. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Today I weigh 55KG (121LBS), I eat healthy but I don't avoid any type of foods so I of course have a muffin top and love handles, BUT I'm happy, and I love to eat so I know I can't leave carbs like cookies, rice, bread and cake behind, but at least I don't eat it everyday and I don't eat an entire loaf of bread by myself like I used too lol I NEVER count calories, I'm just mindful of my portions. Like I said, the only way that this worked for me was knowing I could eat anything I liked just not as obsessive as before.

My new motto is to take this journey easy and don't stress too much, because this is a journey of a lifetime, and even if I'm close to my weight goal (50kg/110lbs), I can't stop there, I have to keep going, because exercising is healthy, knowing what I'm eating and the portions is important, I will not stop eating things I like, I will not stress out if I decide to eat a brownie, but I know I can't binge again and I can't stop exercising because it's for my own good. This isn't a punishment (even if sometimes it feels like it) and even if I want to stop at times, I won't, I will keep going.

My favorite program is FB Fit 2 because I love long workouts and feel like I'm about to die during and after the workout, but I also enjoyed FB Sweat and FB Bored Easily.

I found some measurements I did on 2013 so just for fun:

Height: 164cm

Weight: 63kg

Bust: 96 cm

Waist: 82.5cm

Hip: 100.5 cm

Upper arm: 27 cm

Thigh: 58 cm

Today August 20th, 2019 my measurements are:

Height: 164cm

Weight: 55kg

Bust: 85cm

Waist: 68cm

Hip: 91cm

Uppe rarm: 24cm

Thigh: 51.5cm

The best problem I have ever had is realizing none of my clothes fit anymore. I'm still getting use to my new body, I still try to hide behind clothes, and I still can't for the love of everything use dumbbells of more than 6lbs, but I'm learning to love myself again and to try everyday. I started this just to be skinny for once, and while that's my main goal, I'm now doing it for my health and peace of mind as well.

Well this wasn't concise at all lol but if you read everything, thank you and if you're just starting or are about to give up, remember that it's ok to feel frustrated, sad and to think that it won't work, but keep on going. It will be worth it.

Thank you Kelli and Daniel, I would have never been able to do this without your workouts!