Anyone try Brandnewvegan cheese sauce

Has anyone tried their cheese sauce? Not vegan but I am looking for an alternative. I can eat some cheese but if I have it more than a couple times a week I feel bad. Saving any cheese I eat for pizza I have been looking at vegan recipes that do not rely on nuts. Too expensive and our blender is not that good. Just seems like a fun alternative vs buying something processed. I do not like carrots that often so hey a way to add a little more carrot to what I eat is not a bad thing! Ha ha ha. Yeah I eat it for the carrots....sure.

In all reality some would call the way I like to eat as flexitarian. I eat some meat but I opt for vegetarian or vegan days too. Not planned specifically all the time. Just happens because we have a few veg meals we like for dinners (looking at you chana masala and broccoli loaded bakers). I call how I like to eat "vegetable friendly". Lol