Is my lifestyle healthy?


Hello. I would like some advice regarding the fitness and "well-being" that my life-style may or may not be providing me.

I mainly want to ask because I fear that I may be developing some symptoms of mild under-nutrition; I become cold easily and often, and the skin of my hands is constantly dry. I have also become very conscious in regards to what I eat, but I somewhat need to be as a result of the nature of my present life, so I do not believe that I have developed an eating-disorder, although I do believe that I can, on occasion, be overly critical of myself.

I am a 15-year-old male, who is approximately 163cm in height. My weight fluctuates within a range of 41.7 kg and 44 kg. I have calculated, using the highest range of my weight, that my Resting Metabolic Rate is 1381.8 calories per day. My resting heart-rate is 66 beats per minute.

I do at least one work-out everyday, and try to do 2 work-outs on each day of the weekend, using the following weekly-format:

Monday- Pyramid HIIT, Tuesday- Upper Body, Wednesday- HIIT, Thursday- Pilates, Friday- HIIT, Saturday- 2 Core, Sunday- Tone and Stretch. In addition, I have a fifteen-minute weights-session every Thursday, around 45-minutes of School-compulsory Physical Exercise every Friday, and I perform a self-created "Baseline" routine of 60 seconds of high-kness, followed by sets of twenty of Squat-Jumps, Jumping-Jacks, Fly-Jacks, Bunny-Hops, Push-ups, Crunches, Jabs, Torso-Twists and Calf-Raises. When at home, I have three-hours of intermittent physical activity, which consists of an AB format of twenty-set exercises every 10-30 minutes.

My main problem stems from the fact that I have little knowledge or control over the calories, which I am currently consuming, as a result of the fact that I do not prepare the majority of my meals or have any significant control over my diet, due to my age and role in my family.

My estimates for my calorie intake would be:

On Week-days- 137 calories for breakfast (Black coffee and "Weetabix" Cereal), and 600-800 calories for dinner- Sometimes, I have an additional 47 calories or ~57 calories (Pack of raisins or glass of orange juice), which are rarely taken together.

On Saturday (Occasionally on Sunday, if Saturday is unsuitable)- 137 + ~200 calories for breakfast (I received some drinks for Christmas, so my additional calorie-intake, which stems from those drinks, will stop in two-weeks), ~600-800 for dinner, ~300-600 for supper.

On Sunday- ~230-250 calories for breakfast (I treat myself to a flavoured pot of porridge), ~600-800 for dinner, ~300-600 for supper.

Unless advised not to do so, in two weeks, my Saturday shall become identical to my Sunday.

I drink exactly or over the recommended eight glasses of water per day, and usually have a cup of Green-Tea.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.