Monday's Combo - only 2 moddifications needed (pregnancy) + 5 and 1\2 months belly shot


1 - I Always do an extra warm up, even when the video already has a good one. This one is one of my favorites!

2 - Only 2 modifications were needed here: Instead of backbows, I did Jumping Jacks. And instead of crunches, I did ButtKickers. The funny thing was that this mods made the workout a little more effective on the cardio, since I did the jumping jacks and buttkickers really fast. I liked it better that way.

3 - That's not a FB workout. I would classify this as light lower body strenght, but with continuous movemente. I did it with light weights. Since today I was more cardio-inclined, but wanted to do a little of lower-body strenght this was the perfect fit.

That's me and my baby going to workout =D, he is 5 months and 2 weeks now, =D And I think he will born already knowing Kelli's and Daniel's voices, lol.