Should I buy the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells?


Around a year ago I purchased the Powerblock Sport 24. In the beginning I would do a combination of HIIT + strength training but didn't see a lot of progress in strength because I think I wasn't eating enough for my activity levels. For the past month I've been focusing solely on strength training and am happy that I've been able to lift heavier :) For certain exercises though, particularly those of the lower body, I feel like 24 lbs isn't challenging me as much as I want to be. I'm thinking of buying the Powerblock Elite 5-50 and I realize they have expansion kits, but idk if I want to make the investment because they are expensive and I don't want to purchase something that I'm going to "grow out of" in terms of strength quickly. Am I just overestimating my capabilities and the 5-50 is going to be enough weight for a very long time? And for anyone who has the Elite set, how do you like it? Thanks so much FB fam :)