How many times a week do you workout? + NEW workout video :)


Good morning FB Family! I've got a question this morning; how many times a week do you workout?

We usually workout between 3-5 times a week - it really varies. We workout to feel good and live better lives, not the other way around. Life happens and your body might need something a little different each day; it's important to be open to those signals in order to see results, to avoid injury and overtraining, and to prevent yourself from hating exercise!

I've seen a few people in the forums lately who have expressed disappointment at hitting "only" 4 workout days a week, as opposed to 5 or 6. There's absolutely nothing wrong with 4 workouts a week! Or even 3, if you're talking about strength training and HIIT, combined with a general lifestyle that doesn't involve lots of time sitting in front of the tv or computer screen (mixed activity like walking, swimming, stretching, hiking, snowboarding, etc, all count!). I think a lot of people are actually overtraining, which can actually end up slowing or completely curbing results. It's crucial that you listen to your body and allow yourself flexibility. A rigid mindset is not helpful and there's nothing wrong with not hitting every single workout, especially if you work a job that has you on your feet all day or if you feel like your body needs less intense activity on any given day. How do you walk the line of pushing yourself and being disciplined, and respecting your body's needs? Share your experience!

PS Here's your new workout, it's a fantastic combo of HIIT & Strength: