Same outfit - 1 year apart

Hi everyone !

My name is Thévy and I would like to share a part of my fitness journey with you !

One year ago, I hit my highest weight ever after a period of stress at work that led me to mess completely with my diet and sleep. Before that, I was also gaining weight little by little because I was rarely taking time to cook dinner and was not very active. Even if I didn't like my body, I always had other priorities. Then I had a click when I realized I was not happy with the way I was living : I decided to make a lot of changes, starting by setting my health and mental well-being as a top priority.

In September, I started going to the swimming pool and I decided to run 3 times a week. But with my busy schedule, it was hard to maintain. Besides I found that swimming and running was boring so I needed to find an activity that suited me better. That's when I started doing Fitness Blender videos at home ! I immediatly loved working out with Kelli and Daniel : the workout are so well structured and there are so many, I cannot get bored ! Also, I find that having like a working buddy doing all the movements in real time is sooo motivating. Once I launch a video, I don't stop until I hear the famous « This workout is complete » even if I have to do it with lots of breaks, at my pace.

At the end of October, I started my first program : FB30 round 2 ! I found it easy to work out consistently because the videos were short, fun and already planned. I got great results so I continued with FB 30 round 3 and with FB Burn round 1 and 2. I took some breaks between the programs or everytime I was reaching a plateau (few days to 2 weeks). Doing my FB video really became a habit, something I cannot miss, it's the daily time I am taking for myself.

My greatest non-scale victory was on holidays, when I was able to do 3 amazing hikes in 3 days without much difficulty : I felt that my legs were so strong and that my endurance improved a lot !

Concerning food, I completely changed my habits and now I am cooking as much as possible. During the weekend, I usually do some meal prep so it's really fast to make dinner and it's easier to eat healthy during the week. But I never counted my calories and never said no to a good dessert or a nice meal in a restaurant. For the first time in years, I really found a balance in my personnal life.

If this post can motivate some people, it would be amazing ! Good luck everyone and thanks again Fitness Blender, I never felt so great with my body and mind :)