Diet Culture and Children

Hi FB family. I've been working out with Fitness Blender off and on for the past three years and have gained so much encouragement and motivation from this community. Along with Kelli and Daniel, you have all helped me immensely in changing my relationship with food (necessary!), weight (arbitrary!) and movement (not scary!). Although I still have days where it's hard to keep my self-talk positive, the peace I've found after joining the FB community is immense.

When I read an article today about Weight Watchers developing a weight loss app targeted specifically towards children as young as eight, I felt like crying. (for reference: I started my first diet when I was 11. This app is definitely something I would have latched onto as a kid. Like all the diets I've tried, I'm sure it would have failed me but left me feeling like the failure.

As a society, how are we handing our children the same calorie trackers, processed diets, and food hangups that failed us? It is irresponsible, immoral, and ineffective. As someone who would like to become a mother in the next few years, I'm terrified when I think about my future child thrown into this toxic diet culture.

FB parents, how do you combat things like this in your homes? Have you ever had a child ask you for help losing weight? How do you model/encourage healthy lifestyles for your kids without making it seem like it's all about their weight or appearance, and how do you make nutritious food/exercise not feel like punishment?

Lots of questions. Thanks for any responses, and thanks to all for the good energy you put out every day!

XO, Leah