So thankful for fitness blender


My husband and I love the outdoors, especially hiking. We have 2 young kids and when they were babies we stopped making fitness a priority. We went on a hiking trip last year and both of us could barely make it and were so sore we could barely move after. That motivated me to change things. I don't want to be limited by being out of shape. Starting in the winter we got serious about getting in shape starting with the low impact program, along with more walking. Now part way through a harder program. We just got back from a hiking trip and the hikes went great and neither of us are very sore. I truly feel that the fitness blender work outs were a big help with that, and at one tricky point on the hike we got to practice some lizard leaps. Thank you Kelli and Daniel, if you read this know that your workouts helped change some people for the better.