Fb bored easily Day 18: complete! & a tip!


I'm slowly making my way through the bored easily program. It is looking like it is going to take me about 6 weeks instead of 4, but that's okay. 1 of those weeks was my staycation with my sister and her family!

Something I am trying to incorporate in my weeks is adding at least 1 yoga or stretching video to the end of one of the shorter workouts. I shut off the lights, find a yoga playlist on spotify and just breathe! It's amazing! My house is never quiet with a toddler running around, so nights like tonight when his dad takes him to the park, I love to just do my thing in the dark and the quiet! It's so refreshing, relaxing, and let's me just be me without being bothered, climbed on, yelled at, you know... all the things toddlers are so good at 😂😂😂😂