HKS Accountability Group Aug 13


Good morning!

Strong Day 4 complete! I ended up completing this one as mostly a bodyweight workout and honestly? This is one of the workouts that made me glad I chose this program... It. Was. HARD. But I completed it drenched in sweat, breathing heavily and shaking. My poor legs tomorrow! Nevermind tomorrow... my poor legs, today, lol.

At the end of the routine, I noticed in my toe touch stretches that I had a little more range of motion than normal, so I took advantage of the post workout and did some freestyle 40-second static stretching for my hamstrings, inner thighs and hip sockets.

Today is just more work, but I feel it might be a bit of a struggle, as I did not get a lot of sleep last night due to some ouchie sinuses, so we shall see. More water and good, healthy food is in order.

Have a great day everyone!