Changes in appetite, constant cravings.

I have been working out using FB's free workouts for about the last 10months. I am currently doing FB Blend, and am in the 3rd week. This is the second time I am doing this program. I have noticed lately that I almost feel as if I am missing something, so I just eat a bunch of everything. I drink 4L of water a day, I eat clean and healthy. I try to stick 1200 calories/ day but honestly I do not count calories and I do not want to. I just feel like my appetite is different and I used to be really good at not eating junk food, or overeating, but lately I just feel like I can't. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have noticed I am getting stronger, I have had to purchase heavier weights. My stamina is better and I have noticed my body is more tone..my clothes fit better. I have 5lbs to get to my goal weight, but would much rather be more fit--more muscular/tone. Also, hormonal cravings are terrible, and I give in to them every. single. month. Sweet/salty and it is so sabotaging. Any help on how to avoid those would be appreciated too! Thanks for any advice!