New appreciation for FB!


Just for you Kelli! My 20 year old daughter has a new appreciation for Fitness Blender 😂

I have been working out with you consistently ALL summer (haven't missed a scheduled workout yet!!) and am currently half way through FB Strong. My daughter is a college athlete and will only run sprints/stadiums outside or on the treadmill, or hit the gym for weights and treadmill. She is still home on break and today she didn't want to drive 20 minutes into town to go to the gym for leg day. So I told her to do one of my workouts! She looked at me kind of funny, but she FINALLY agreed and picked a FB workout that I have marked as a favorite ~ Brutal Butt and Thigh Workout for Fat Burning and Lean Muscle Building ;)

I walked into the garage at one point and she was dripping sweat and told me how hard this was, that there's no breaks! When she came in she kept randomly chuckling. I finally asked her what the deal was and she told me that was hard! All this time, she's been thinking I've been doing some kind of wimpy workouts out in the garage every morning. NOW she knows better!!

Definitely a new-found appreciation for you both from a college student athlete 😂 (and she says she's going to print out some of your workouts and take to the gym with her when she goes back to school, since that's the only access to dumb bells she has at school).

She admitted she might be sore tomorrow, and told me that I (her 46 year old MOM) must have really strong legs ;)

Thank you Kelli and Daniel!