Reaching out ...

Good afternoon,

I haven’t posted in quite a while, but since I am struggling (and would appreciate some feedback, please), I decided to reach out.

The issue: I have a love/hate relationship with health.

Let me explain ...

I am 33 years of age; and while I don’t have the comorbidities of smoking, drinking, drugs, or being a daredevil ... I am obese. Not morbidly so, but still obese. I do not have type II diabetes (yet).

It should be noted that while I do have polycystic ovary disease (PCOS) and underlying respiratory issues (from birth), I have not made the healthiest (food) choices the past few years.

For the majority of my life, I never liked sugar or salt. In fact, I steered clear of it except for special occasions (and no, every day was not a special occasion). Fast forward to 2016, and things changed.

In August 2016, I re-entered college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (having been displaced at my previous job by artificial intelligence). I started to slowly gain weight, perhaps a pound or so a month, just due to a hectic schedule and having frequent desserts (strike #1). However, come May 2017 (and right before graduation), our family found out mom had terminal cancer (strike #2). I then gained another 30+ pounds from the time mom was ill through today (she passed January 2018). This has been due, in part, to hormones/stress, though has honestly been mostly due to unhealthy/varied eating (lots of sweets and empty carbs) and inactivity (strike #3). I have also been physically and emotionally drained ... which has led to depression and anxiety, and a re-up of my trichotillomania (strike #4).

Through all of this, I have become a sugar addict. I actually went through withdrawal this week 😬

As you can see, this weight gain is, for the most part, my own doing. I doubt I will ever be at the recommended BMI for my height/age (101 to 136 pounds? Really?), but I do NOT want to remain obese; to remain a danger to myself. Thus, it IS time for a change!

I know this will be a difficult road, with so many bumps along the way, but gosh, it’s LIFE! I will gain a new lease on life not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I will also prayerfully grow closer to God.

So my questions are: What strategies have worked for you when you do not feel like eating (fairly) healthily and/or exercising? How did you cut back on sugar and/or empty carbs, and what have you found most difficult/beneficial in slowing down your consumption of, (or eliminating), sugar and/or empty carbs?

Thank you in advance for your response(s) 💕