Woo! Dietary transition successful.

Hello, all! So, despite being overweight I haven't really been super dialed in on weight loss for a while. I was mostly eating and training for gains. Not that was in a super caloric surplus either, I was in a real kinda middle plain. With muscle on my frame now, although I still have much more gaining to do, I went ahead and geared into full fat loss mode. I personally track calories when losing, I'm not very obsessive about it but I find it very useful for me personally.

I'm down from 315 (Yes, when I say overweight I mean, bluntly, I'm fat) to 313. I started two weeks ago, which means I'm right on track at 1 pound per month. I eat plenty of lean protein and strength train three times a week to make sure I maintain as much of my strength and muscle mass as possible during a cut. And, if I manage to put on a little more lean muscle mass in the process I certainly won't complain.