Do What You Can?


Never underestimate the power of small changes.

- Went in for my annual physical.

- 6 foot, 202.4 lbs (182/183 cm, 91.8 kg), borderline high blood pressure.

- Told by my doctor that I need to lose a bit of weight.

- Resolved to eat better and work out more consistently.

- Started.

- Hurt my knee.

- Put on bed rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and crutches.

- No working out. Long PT road ahead.

- Wanted to give up on eating healthier until knee healed, since weight loss wasn’t gonna happen.

- Thought to myself, “what would Kelli and Daniel say? 
What would the FB Family do?”

- Heard, “do what you can.”

- Ugh. Okay, okay.

- Doubled down on eating better anyway (and eating less bread, drinking less liquid bread).

- Today…6 foot, 188.6 lbs (182/183 cm, 85.5 kg), normal blood pressure.

Never underestimate the power of small changes. #dowhatyoucan