When Strength Is Put To The Test


I had some long-overdue renovations done in my flat. My living room, bathroom, and hall have been painted and I got a new wall-to-wall carpet and some furniture. And that’s where my strength was put to the test. I was worried about a lot of things but I wasn’t worried about my ability to lift heavy things, though.

With my brother’s help, I could carry my new carpet and furniture up to the third floor. It wasn’t easy! My biceps and some other muscles in my arms which deserve to be named are still a bit sore but I could do it. I had to put the Abs programme on hold when I started doing up my room but with all that dusting, scrubbing and carrying things I definitely stayed in training. I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t have had the strength to do all these things if I hadn’t been training regularly with FB for the past 3 years.

Emboldened by my furniture carrying adventures I decided to do deadlifts with 30 kilos (I used to do them with 23 kilos). So now my glutes joined the rest of my sore muscles too. But I could do it.

To someone who looks weak feeling strong and being able to do physically challenging things mean a lot. So thank you Fitness Blender!

By the way, it’s great to work out on my new carpet! :)