Staying Healthy while travelling and other chat...


Hey everyone, just looking for some of your ideas!

I'm travelling to Japan for five weeks and have been thinking about to stay fit and not lose any of the progress I've made.

I can't pack my dumbbell set and only have room/weight for my smallest pair of dumbbells. I'm planning to use FB as normal, maybe shortening my workouts on some days. I'll be doing a lot of walking and staying with friends so I will have time/room to workout.

What would do/have done to make time for exercise on a long trip?

As for food, I'll have a kitchen and am vegan so it's not easy for me to snack on junk at the best of times!

Also, any tips for long flights? I can't say I'm looking forward to it!

Random- anyone else here find air attendants annoying? It's irritating that they have to look so done up while you're jet lagged and tired. I have terrible body image so I'm always struggling not to compare myself with others. I looked up the 'requirements' for an air hostess and OMG it's intimidating. I'm always seeking reassurance from my long-suffering friends but air hostesses are definitely a trigger. I'm already dreading trying to look my best for an 11 hour flight! Silly, I know but *shrugs*.

Storytime over! Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas with me!