Try Bulgarian Split Squats for Guaranteed Glute Burnout!


Anybody else working on those gluteus gains? When I started strength training my thighs were the strongest part of my body. The quads always tried to dominate most lower body exercises. Even with focused form in order to target the glutes, I'd be disappointed that my legs would be sore all over yet my glutes weren't to the same degree or as often. Even with pilates-style burnout rounds, keeping weight in my heels during squats, contracting and engaging those muscle as much as possible.

This changed when I did a FB video with Bulgarian Split Squats. Could tell immediately that this targeted my glutes in a way that most other exercises hadn't. Now I add them to lower body strength workouts and feel it every time. Those and weighted Bridges or Thrusts.

Daniel does anything but 10 reps in this video! Be prepared to count your own ;)


Kelli's video with Bulgarian Split Squats (Lunges) and no repeats:


This move does require fairly good balance so it also helps strengthen your ankles, calves, and core. Try it without weights or go light at first but with a little practice you'll be lifting heavy and feeling the burn! Hope this helps.