Made it to the mat by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin!


For weeks, I have been shut up in my home all day long. The weather has been terribly cold, though I did take advantage of the warmer days with a walk. Nevertheless, waiting for Uni to start classes up again after holiday break has been torturous. I've been craving structure and busyness. Apathy started to creep in this week when classes were canceled for the first 3 days due to bad weather...

Additionally, last night I got sick while working out (after it's taken me forever to get to the mat) bc I didn't wait long enough for my food to digest before jumping in (I usually work out fasted). So, I did not complete my workout. This morning, I woke up late after a fitful night of sleep and I just WAS NOT IN THE MOOD. Still I knew exercise would motivate me for the day and I knew I didn't want to fall behind in my program.

Happy to say I made it to the mat and beasted through my session! But, it was TOUGH. I am learning how to juggle a new semester and a new schedule and I'm trying to keep from becoming overwhelmed to the point of giving up my workouts, like I've done before. I know I can do this. I have the time in the morning, I just sometimes let the day's responsibility's overwhelm me to the point of crippling. BUT, I said NO MORE letting anxieties or worries control me in 2017 and I'm not letting it gain ANY momentum in 2018.

Made it out of the house and am set up, working on an academic project at the uni library :D

However or whatever you feel, you've got this.