talking about some issues I had for a couple weeks plus my 14 weeks apart progress pics

Hey guys how is everyone? So the past couple weeks I've been mentally not great with dieting, I was still eating clean, however silly me was eating the amount of calories for when I was 20 kilos heavier (first picture) so I was stuck and wasn't moving anywhere with my weight, so to deal with not realising I was needing to drop calories I resorted to binge drinking Pepsi max, would have five a day for about two weeks, I was getting bloated and felt uncomfortable but I thought I'd drink instead of eating (yup I know stupid thing to do i know all the health downsides etc) so basically now I'm off the soft drink I've monitored my calorie intake/portion sizes to fit the weight I now am, and I feel much much better! My clothes are fitting great I've dropped 1.2kilos already I'm not bloated at all and now I have more of an understanding of working out and how many of each kind of workout I should be doing weekly I'm in a better headspace. I was stuck with over training and over eating at the same time... not a great combo! Anyways so here's 14 weeks difference I weigh 62.5 kilos now I was 84 kilos in the first picture :) thanks for everyone's advice on the exercising that was given I've now completely changed my workout rountines and it's made a massive difference :)