1 year anniversary

So I took these pictures at my 1 year anniversary, then completely spaced on posting them… so here they are, one month late!

Some stats:

Weight - 151 lbs to 141 lbs

Waist - 30in to 27.5in

Hips - 41in to 39.5in

Programs - FB30, FBAbs2, FB Strong, FB30-3, and Strong again

Diet - most of the weight lost (about 7lbs) was over 3 months at the start of this year, when I tracked my calories and maintained a 250-300 calorie deficit

I just want to encourage everyone out there who is just starting to really give it a try. And definitely take pictures and measurements! We tend to continually move the goalposts on ourselves, meaning we never arrive at our fitness goals. But it’s like they say: if I had seen a picture of myself now when I’d started, I wouldn’t have believed I could reach that. And yet here I am!

This has definitely been a journey of discovery, and ups and downs. I’ve had months where I’ve been very consistent, and some where I would not prioritize my exercise. Using the programs is very helpful to me, because even if I have to keep pushing it back, it’s still there waiting for me. That second round of Strong took me about 8 weeks! But I finished it and have been taking a little break since.

I’m going to schedule my own workouts for a bit, so I can try some of the newer and older ones. I absolutely love strength training, but I want to make sure I keep incorporating other styles as well so I continue to be challenged and engaged.

Thank you so much to Kelli & Daniel, and also the wonderful people of the community here, for constantly inspiring me and lifting my spirits! You guys really are the best.