Daily Check-in: Wednesday, July 17th

Hello Blenders, and Happy Wednesday (or Thursday) to you all!

How're you all doin today? How's your week goin so far?

We're halfway through the work week, so that's some good news, eh?

And how about a Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly to start (or end) your day with? Well, ok then! Here's one to gaze upon! ⬆️ Kind of a cool looking little flutterby!

Anywho, how are things going for you Blenders? How's life? How's the weather where you are? How are your workouts treating you?

It's been a bit busy here, hot and humid weather, and workouts are goin! haha

So what about for today? Is it a workout day, or rest day for you, FB Fam?

It's a workout day for me! I did a lower body strength routine, coupled with an active/static abs routine yesterday--so I think I will do an upper body routine today. I'm debating between something with weights, or something with bodyweight. I'm leaning more towards a bodyweight routine--so if you've got any of your favorite upper body bodyweight routines you'd like to share, hit me up! I'd love some suggestions!

And how about some good food goin on today? What's on the menu for today Blenders?

We had salmon with bowtie pasta and spinach last night; so for tonight, I'm thinking a pineapple-teriyaki style chicken with a ton of veggies! That'll work for me!

Alright FB Fam, once again I've exceeded my rambling quota for the day!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, and enjoy those workouts (or rest) today!