How to get fit (after a few years of constant workout and physical/emotional issues)


Hi everyone! :)

I apology in advance for this probably will be a long post, but I'd like to explain my situation from the start in order for you to have all the elements to eventually reply.

I've been regularly using fitness blender workouts and programs for a while now (about 4 years), alternating them with running and some gym. First things first, I'm under treatment with psychiatric drugs that significantly affect my weight; I've always had a thin physique, but I happened to put on a lot of weight in a short period of time when I was in high school (I'm almost 27 now). I dragged that weight with me for a bit because I really wasn't into physical activity at the time, and managed to reach about 47 kilos (103 lbs if I'm correct) after I started running and doing cardio with Kelli when I was about to get my degree in university.

The real problem started when I lost some other weight and reached 94 lbs. My medication was stable, my body managed to get used to its effects, I was overexercising and eating very little. I was underweight (since I'm 5ft2). Because of that, my doctor decided to put me on new medications and I ended up gaining 39 lbs in a year (I went from 94 lbs to 134).

Now I'm still close to that weight (I managed to lose just a few lbs) and I'm doing constant but not excessive exercise (I follow a tabata and circuit training class at the gym and lift some weights two days a week, and use fitness blender workouts whenever I don't have the chance to hit the gym), and I'm eating regularly and kind of healthy, with the occasional cheap meals once a week with some friends.

The problem is, I don't see much of a result. I tried getting advices from friends who are into competitive sports and gym trainers, asking them if I should stop lifting and doing hiit (building muscle) for now and concentrate on plain cardio in order to get to an ideal weight, and then reintroduce weights and high intensity cardio. Or If building muscle will help me lose weight, but I need to be patient and keep working on it. I know muscle weights more than fat, but let's say I'm okay with that and forget the coveted scale for a while. I still don't look fit, not even a bit. I look very bloated. I feel stronger, and I also work out for that, because I enjoy feeling stronger and energized, but I'd also like to see some result, not just feel it.

I took the pic I'm attaching last September when I weighted the most. Now I'm slightly firmer, but very similar to that.

Sorry for the poem, I hope I explained myself clearly :)

If somebody has or had the same experience as me, that would be super appreciated, but every little help or advice will be very well-accepted!