Amanda's adventures at the fair (July 14th)


Hey guys!

Friends of the HKS (Healthy Kind Support) have been hearing me talk about the fair I went to on Sunday and I said I would post some pictures.

But, before I do, I would like to take a moment to talk about our little group. You may have seen our daily HKS posts and wondered "what is this?" Healthy, Kind Support is a gathering of Blenders who check in with each other. We keep each other motivated and support each other, whether it's a workout complete earned. or a day where someone couldn't work out due to whatever lemons life is throwing.

If you find you thrive on motivation and accountability in a supportive atmosphere, come find us! This is an open group and we love hearing from new people!

Now, on with the show...

I put my collection into an imgur album so please mosey on over at your leisure.