My upper body before and after

Hello guys! I just wanted to share a before and after of my arms.. The "before" one is right before I decided to start working out and found FitnessBlender. It's not totally fair because I was not flexing at all, but it's the closest I could find.. I 've had many ups and downs for the past 6 years that I 've been working out with FB and have dropped or slowed down working out many times, but I 'm still here and very happy about the progress I 've done with my arms. They were always skinny and bony, and in that picture I had already put on some weight because of bc pills and overeating, they were a lot skinnier before! I love how strong I feel now, I love having muscles in my arms more than any other part of my body, no idea why.. I know it's not that much but I 'm proud for growing some muscles in my previously bony arms and totally grateful for fitness blender 😁