Quiz question!


Hey guys, let’s make full use of the great new feature (of adding pics and gifs in comments) for a little Monday motivation, what do you say?

So here’s the question – do you remember what was the first female role model that made you appreciate fit and powerful look on women? (guys, don’t feel excluded from the quiz, I’m asking you too)

Mine was Angela Bassett in the movie about Tina Turner (interestingly, it wasn’t Tina Turner haha) – I remember being mesmerized by the film itself but also by all the scenes when she raises her arms on the stage. I thought wow what a gorgeous woman with gorgeous muscles. I also remember being a little surprised that a muscular woman is feminine as heck (it was 25 years ago and not what I was lead to believe by mainstream media up to that point). Btw, seeing her now at 60, still so graceful and strong and beautiful, all the more reason to admire her :)

Answer with pics of the amazing strong ladies you admire and tell us a little bit about why, and if there’s many of them try to remember the very first one.

And then hit those weights! ;)