Today I went shopping for an alarm clock, and came out with this. Totally forgot about the alarm clock.

Well, I already had the 1st 3 rows of weights (2, 3, and 7 kg). I can still get a tough workout in the 7s, but it takes forever because I have to do so many reps, so I've added 10s and 12.5s to my collection 😀

While I was looking at the weights next to a couple of beefy dudes, the sales lady tried to direct me to the lighter dumbell collection.

umm....EXCUSE ME???!!!

I had to convince her I already lift weights and was in the correct part of the store. I wonder what gender the mat was being marketed at. No one questioned it when I picked that up, and it didn't come in other colors...

Anyway, I am so excited to use these. I think I'll try some of the descending rep workouts this week now that I won't be using my heaviest weight on the first set 😃😃😃