FB Flex Program Review

In the past 5.5 weeks, I have been getting back on track exercising with FB Flex. I chose FB Flex as my first summer workout program because:

-I want to be stronger

-I wanted to focus on my upper body due to some foot issues and so they would look nice for an upcoming wedding

-I didn't exercise much during the spring semester of college and wanted to jump back into something where some workouts were planned, but I could choose my own lower body strength days, cardio days, and core days

-I've also done Fitness Blender workouts for a long time, and I wanted to try a new program after doing FB Bodyweight during the school year

Since starting the program, I have been working out about 4 days per week, with some pauses along the way due to camping trips and surgery. I have not made any significant change to my diet, deciding to focus on making an exercise a habit again.

Now that I am done with the program (finished yesterday!), I have increased weight on the following exercises:

-Chest fly: 5 lbs./hand to 8 lbs./hand

-Reverse fly: 3 lbs./hand to 5 lbs./hand

-Lateral raise: 3 lbs./hand to 5 lbs./hand

-Ventral raise: 5 lbs./hand to 8 lbs./hand

-Bicep curl: 10 lbs./hand to 15 lbs./hand

-Triceps kickback: 5 lbs./hand to 8 lbs./hand

-Close row: 8 lbs./hand to 15 lbs./hand

I also feel like I have better control over my regular push-ups and pike push-ups, and am able to complete more reps of each.

While my triceps/bicep area of my arm doesn't look very different to me, I think my shoulders have more tone/definition (and, upon comparing my before and after pictures, I think my back in general has more tone/definition). The most important thing is that I feel stronger; I got to try workout videos that I have never done before; I have improved my strength on the exercises listed above; and I have gained better posture and more confidence in myself.

I am excited to move onto my next program, FB Strong! Planning to complete it before the school year begins. Thanks to Daniel, Kelli, and the entire Fitness Blender community.