Weekend Workout - Outside!


It’s the weekend!

What does everyone have planned? Some fun things, we hope. Maybe something outside?

Well, in honor of the weekend, here’s something a bit different from us, a quick Fluid Stretching - Toning & Flexibility Workout that we filmed a few years ago - in the middle of a great hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Have you all tried this one before?

If you’re looking for a workout with some great light sculpting moves and stretches - that can be done as a standalone low impact workout for toning and increasing flexibility or a nice, engaging cooldown after a tougher workout or activity - this one may do the trick!

We’d love to hear what you hear what you think. Do you all ever work out outside?

P.S. This was Fitness Blender’s very first attempt at filming outside of our “studio” (a.k.a. our garage). We’ve done a few more. Always nice to get outside of your comfort zone!