So today I am going camping again.

Last night I was looking at my calendar to see what kind of workouts I need to do while camping.

Then there it was.

1000 calorie workout on Friday.

I debated whether I should do it at the camping site or do it when I come back.

What the heck.

Just go ahead with it when there are proper weights.

So after healthy steel cut oatmeal breakfast with apple and nuts, meeting with the president of my daughter's new school, shopping at Costco, butchery, specialty shop and drinking banana smoothie I decided to go for 1000 calorie workout.

Lot of things went through my mind like denial (I shouldn't be doing this now!), anger (Why did I choose today to workout?), bargaining (Shall I do half of it for now?), depression (My legs will never go up that high for high knee exercise.) for the first few minutes of HIIT and finally acceptance (I will give it my best and finish this today!)

I have to admit that I do feel very energized! and accomplished! Yay!

I treated myself with healthy sashimi bowl with vegetables for lunch. I am treating myself with not one but two dates and homemade FB oatmeal cookie with coffee.

Life is good !