Small hands+weak grip=slippery weights!


Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone's posted this kind of question before, but here goes. I'm quite a small girl (5'2), and it follows that I have small hands. I recently decided to buy heavier weights for strength training, and I got dumbbells that are 7kg each. The heaviest I was lifting before was 4kg.

I had a problem with slippery hands even with my 4kg dumbbells, but for the 7kg, there's THREE issues.

1) Slippery hands, as with the 4kg weights

2) They're heavier and harder to hold onto (more strain on my wrists and forearms), which damages my form and stops me from targeting the muscle group I want to target

3) They're bigger in size, and my hand doesn't wrap around the bar quite as far. SO grip is an even bigger issue.

I'm quite upset about this, I was really looking forward to building some lean muscle. Please help!