I am soooo excited!!!!!!!


My mom is going to help me type this today because I have so much to tell everyone.

I started Sweat on May 25 and completed it on July 9. I can only workout every other week when I am with my mom.

Here are my PFT results from May 25 and today

weight: 126lbs-117lbbs

run: 16min 07 sec- 10min 28 sec

push-ups full 0-4 half 12-20

squats: 40 no weight to 60 with 5lbs each hand

Plank: 20.07 sec- 36.25

My mom and stepdad Allen told me that if I get the mile down to 10 minutes they would by me a workout complete outfit.

They are so proud of how hard I worked and how much I improved I get to order my workout complete outfit today. I am soooooooooo happy and soooooooooooo excited.

I also have a new goal. My mom and stepdad said if I get the mile down to 7 minutes I can have my own Power Blocks. Cheer me on and celebrate with me today. It is an awesome day.

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