Daily Check-in: Thursday, July 11th

Hello Blenders, and Happy Friday-Eve (or totally Friday) to you all!!

How're you all doin today? Did you see the big news on yesterday's check-in post?

We can now post photos in the comments section! So I can post this photo of my favorite Indigo Bunting friend (who apparently is becoming more and more comfortable around me lol) here⬆️, and simultaneously post a funny workout meme down there⬇️!

How awesome is that?!

Now we can start that garden thread we always wanted to as well! On one thread, we can share photos of all the things we grow--and another separate thread of Furry Trainers too! AAAAHHH it's just so exciting!! Thank you FB Team for giving us this amazing option! I'm gonna use the heck out of it! haha

So I hope you'll all use it too! Share your pics--of workouts, random birds, your garden, or just whatever strikes your fancy for the day! Now you aren't limited to just lookin at my random photos! haha

With that said, how're you all doing today? We're almost to Friday, so that's good news, huh?

How're your workouts goin for the week so far? Have you been enjoying them? Finding them challenging? Or maybe you've been enjoying some rest and relaxation this week?

And what about for today, Blenders? Are you working out, or are you resting?

I'm gonna get a core workout in today! I did my 30 minute leg workout yesterday, and Furry Trainers decided that was enough! haha. So core work gets pushed to today, and I'm not even the slightest bit mad about it!

And what about some good food goin on today? What's on your menu today, Blenders?

We're gonna make some chili! Seems strange because yesterday is was soooo hot (almost 90s with a ton of humidity), but now today the highs are in the 60s and it's wonderful! Perfect weather to make some chili!

Well FB Fam, that's enough from me today!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, and remember you can share photos today, if you wish!