Weak Knees and Calorie/Macro Counting


Hey there FB community!

Just wanted to get some input on my situation that involves working out and nutrition. I've been trying to eat clean and working out for around the past month or so, after not having a proper exercising routine for nearly two years. Working out again has felt great. I started off low impact, and then started to ease myself in to strength training and HIIT. I love reaching those workout completes but find that my knees and other joints are suffering/sensitive after doing HIIT (no more than 3 times a week). As I'm trying to lose weight, and know that HIIT is one of the most effective types of workouts, any advice?

As for clean eating, I try to get in healthy carbs, fats, and a lot of protein. I do take calories into account, but I would simply approximate how much each meal would amount to rather than counting every single calorie. After a month of working out and eating clean (as well as I can) I found that I actually started to gain weight (both on the scale and just looking at my body). I have to admit, this was very discouraging. I know one month is definitely not enough time to make conclusions on my weight loss journey, but I was/have been very demotivated lately to keep things up. I decided to get a calorie counting app to see if maybe I was underestimating my calorie intake. Things were going well, but I found myself constantly thinking about food (what I'm going to eat next, how many carbs I've had, fats, protein, feeling guilty for going over my sugar limit, overthinking about whether I can eat that extra banana oat cookie or not). I felt myself starting to get obsessive with counting. I went off the app for about two days now. I have no idea where to go next. I know that I don't want my journey to better health to end here, but I find that the way I'm going about this may start to hurt me more than help me. I'd love any advice or personal experiences anyone has to offer, and thank you so much!!