Vegan for the whole family



My husband and I are looking at potentially becoming whole food based vegan. We are doing this for several reasons but the biggest is health. He has some stubborn 15 lbs to loose (he is down 65 lbs... so he is doing great!) and I have immune issues (essentially I have permanent low immunity because I had lymphoma 9 years ago that the chemo "worked too well on me") so I am prone to infections year round.

Since my cancer, we have been Weston A Price, Paleo (I lost weight fast with this one... something I didn't need to do and was underweight for a while), did a 21 day sugar detox (I only lasted about 13 days because of weight loss), then came back to a standard American Diet. Hubby went back to paleo-ish about 80% when he started loosing weight but I was afraid of loosing again so I stayed SAD, but we always have veggies around so we do get some of those.

Hubby wants to go vegan but is terrified of not having enough protein as he is building muscle right now with a lot of strength training (he is doing the EDDF program - not on here).

Our children 10, and almost 6. were with us on all of this. Our 10 loves veggies but is terrified of the prospect of going vegan. Our 6 year old really doesn't want to do this period. His favorite cheese is american (mainly because he is 1000% American... if that cheese were French, or some other country, he wouldn't like it as much). We also foster and I am not sure how the state would like it if we did this with fosters... however we have a 2 year old in our care and she seemed to do well with beans and rice so maybe there is hope... if only we could get her to eat a veggie!

How did you do the transition if you did this? Any words of advice? I have tried to look for meal plans that would help me (eat this and this for every meal type of thing) and I have found little, especially geared to families making the transition. We still have meat in our house and we plan on eating it down and not replacing it. We also have a commitment to go to a new family member's house for Thanksgiving and we don't want to make them worried any more then we have to for this event so we will likely not "come out" to them till after thanksgiving.

I am a homeschooling mom and so I am always home with all 3 kids. So cooking isn't a big deal, generally speaking. Though I don't really see myself making all of our bread everyday either.

I also have a 14 year old sister (lives on the other side of the country) who has been vegan for 4 years... by herself. Her mom is a pescitarian, and our father and other sister are SAD.

Thank you for the help!