Fresh Start

Just returned from a two week holiday in Canada visiting family and excited to get back into it. We tried to be healthy but it is hard when Gramma makes you all your favourites and there are lots of meetings with friends and they make the best appetizers and drinks ever!

There was some activity but the intensity was nothing like usual. We were camping for 4 days and did some biking, swimming, wandering and chasing my 3 year old nephew. I also participated in his first soccer tournament (I had to hold his hand while he played!).

But now we are back and doing an overhaul of our diet. We normally eat quite healthy with lots of fresh items and never use packaged/prepared things but sometimes cook too rich and heavy. My partner revealed none of his jeans fit except one pair and his shorts did not do up and he had to wear a belt so they stayed up!

I am excited that he is very committed to changing how we eat but I wish he was more committed to doing any activity. While he is correct that diet plays a role, he seems to ignore that exercise does too. I have tried before to get him moving around but he prefers to lay on the couch. I have become very used to doing activities and exercise on my own but would still welcome him to join me.

Before holidays I had so kindly scheduled myself to start Bored Easily today but seeing as I slept until 15:30 I decided to just get the house cleaned up, do some meal prep for the week and set my alarm earlier to transition to morning workouts.

We have a big holiday planned for November to Mauritius and I want to feel the best I have ever felt!

So happy to be back, the community motivates me so much, you guys are the best!