Workout Complete Check-in & Some Fun Stuff


Hello FB Family !

How have you been enjoying your weekend so far? Will you be tackling any workout (s) today ? Yesterday I did an upper body workout with Daniel :


I loved this workout particularly because there were no annoying upper back exercises 😂 (reverse fly, tricep kickback, bentover dorsal raise etc. ) My back is still my weakest point and I can never be sure whether I'm doing the exercise with clean form -most of the time I find myself swinging my very light dumbells after a few repetitions. This workout therefore made me feel proud because I knew I was safely pushing myself & lifting heavy.

Today was supposed to be a lower body day, but my legs are still very sore from Friday's workout with Kelli:


So I guess it'll be a rest day. 😝

I really love lower body routines like this- (HIIT) Cardio, strength training, plyometrics, pilates all mixed in one video under an hour. It's satisfyingly brutal and I know I've gotten in an effective workout that will hopefully get me closer to the body I want.

Now onto the fun stuff :

My grandmorher and my aunt are staying with us for a week. Yesterday we took them to the city's tropical aquarium where we got to see a plenty of different types of fish as well as some other beautiful marine species. I've taken thousands of photos so let me know if you'd like to see more pictures like this. ;)

How about you, FB Family? Have you planned any activities for today? Any workouts? Any healthy meals ? (Or cheat meals, maybe ? 😜 ) Wishing you all an amazing Sunday (Or Monday) ❤

Lots of love🥰