Getting enough sleep and exercising


Kelli and Daniel have often emphasized the importance of getting enough sleep during our fitness journeys. Obviously, we all try 😎, but sometimes (or more often), life happens and kids, stress, work or fun are keeping our nights too short.

My body usually fools me regarding the consequences of (chronic) sleep deprivation and I basically never adapt my workouts if I miss a couple of hours of sleep. I've given up on the option of taking a nap during the day, or sleep in the next morning. I just can't, I'm alert all the time (disorder thing).

It's probably quite an unhealthy habit, but I allow myself to be fooled by the adrenaline rush resulting from a bad night and often pick an extra hard or long workout when I run on adrenaline. Even if I am not really aware of it, a lack of sleep must have an impact on my body somehow. I won't solve my sleeping problems overnight, but I figured I could take the consequences a bit more into consideration.

So I was wondering if and how you modify your workouts after a rough night. What does your body tell you in times you're not giving it the rest it needs? Do you skip workouts, or choose something easier than the workout scheduled in your program or that you had in mind?