When old grainy photo gives you the sense of what did you gain in 3 years.

I just realized today that it’s already 3 years that I am using (with on and off regularity) fitness blender. Left photo is from 16 May 2016 when I started my first bought program fb booty. Right one is from yesterday, 1 day away from finishing Fb Strong.

Looking at these photos first thing came into my mind “I gained so much confidence, look at my body language”! Second thought was, “my arms and chest look strong, I think I gained muscles”. Finally I noticed, “ok yes it seems that I lost some fat”.

It’s really fascinating to me how I was thinking instantly about “gain” whereas most of the times many of us (including me) just think about “losing weight/fat” etc. If I look back these 3 years I just see tons of things I gained about fitness and getting healthy.

Thank you K&D! You made me a different person, the best version that I have ever been in this 35 years life.

P.S. Not exactly sure about numbers, most likely the two photos have a 7-8lbs difference.