Overweight After Anroexia


Dear FB-Community,

I suffered from anorexia nervosa for 4 years and had a pretty rough time. When I reached my lowest weight point(88lbs on 165cm) I felt proud of myself but knew at the same time that I couldn’t go one like that.

So I started eating more but developed some really unhealthy eating habits (e.g. just eating in the evening but then heaps of food). After school I went abroad for one year and finally started eating like what would be considered as “normal”. I was glad that I´d overcome my ED but ate crappy food as well (because I deserved it in my mind). And it became worse, especially paired with no regular exercise.

The result: I gained weight. A lot.

Now I weigh roundabout 60lbs more and feel…not well…

I know that people tend to become overweight after suffering from an ED but that´s usually not that much and they reach “normal” weight soon after that.

However I started working out with Kelli and Daniel again (missed it sooooo much), even bought a program. I have fun and already start to see some results after 6 weeks. I eat healthy and although I don’t track calories anymore I definitely don’t eat more than my daily need. But what really bothers me – I gained more weight. 10 Pounds! And I have a very hard time believing that someone can gain 10 pounds of pure muscle mass in that little time.

To sum up: Does anyone of you had similar experience after an ED (which I don’t hope though) or heard something? Will this weight gain stop at some point? Should I just keep on moving and hope for the best?

Thank you for reading this! :)