Just scale stuff...


Hey guys,

one thing that really helped me to get back into shape and fitness is the fact that I can step onto a scale without going mental about it. Since I am a bit of a numbers-guy, I made a nice collection of data throughout my journey and today I finally found the time to take a closer look at my weight developement.

I found one thing pretty interesting, maybe also for some of you Blenders. I had my focus on fat burning for 30 weeks between October 2018 and May 2019 and I started tracking my weight after four weeks, when I was half way through my first complete program (FB Fit 1).

All in all, there's 24 lbs (11kg) between my highest weight in the beginning and my lowest weight in the end. But during the 26 weeks I tracked, there were no less than 9 weeks with an average weight higher than the week before. Between January 28th and February 3rd, I even gained more than 3.5 lbs in a single week... seriously glad I cannot remember what I did in that week x)

Even when looking at blocks of four weeks, out of these 7 blocks of four weeks, there were actually two consecutive ones with an average weight higher than the block before.

When I think about these numbers, I can imagine that they can be pretty frustrating to some people... especially when you gain weight two months in a row, despite working out almost all the time, there can be a temptation to just give up and forget about the whole project. I never even concidered that. I knew that I took it a bit easier in terms of nutrition during that time, and this was also when I did my first "refeeding" week and my first week off from exercising after some pretty intensive months. And when I felt that batteries were charged again, I started pushing again and finished the rest of the journey.

That's my general recommendation: Don't go crazy about singular "results" that probably don't look too pleasant. It's the big picture that counts. And don't get frustrated when you run low on energy. Just take some time to regenerate and then attack again once you feel recharged. At least to me, these phases are necessary from time to time, in order to ensure the sustainability of the whole project. And well, in the end they didn't stop me from reaching a point where I am pretty happy with my results :)